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Now in our 13th consecutive year of business worldwide.
We manufacture a range of customized fiber lasers, optical fiber
amplifiers, and multiplexers for a variety of applications at
1550 nm, 1060 nm, and 775 nm.

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Our product lines:

1550-nm Actively Mode-locked Fiber Lasers
1060-nm Actively Mode-locked Fiber Lasers
RZ Transmitters
Pulse Compressors
1550-nm Passively Mode-locked Fiber Lasers
1060-nm Passively Mode-locked Fiber Lasers
Low Power Amplifiers
High Power Amplfiiers
Polarization Maintaining EDFAs
Sub-Picosecond EDFAs
Low-Noise High Power EDFAs
L-Band Amplifiers
Second Harmonic Generators

FEMTOPULSE™ Optical Pulse Compressors

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PriTel’s FP Series of FEMTOPULSE™ Optical Pulse Compressors
are designed for use with the UOC fiber laser in R&D applications
in optical switching, measurement of optical fiber dispersion and
nonlinearities, and terahertz fiberoptics.

FEMTOPULSE™ Optical Pulse Compressors utilize specialty fibers to temporally
compress transform-limited input pulses.  Units are custom-designed to meet
performance requests.

An integrated EDFA is used to boost the pulse peak power before input to the
specialty fiber. 
The front panel connections allow the EDFA to be used as a
stand-alone amplifier for other applications.



FP-400      Click heading for specifications in PDF Format

Input wavelength

1548-1555 nm


<400 fs (3 ps input) at a specific wavelength

Spectral width

>6 nm at a specific wavelength

Average output power

Varies with input pulse repetition frequency
(e.g., >100 mW at 10 GHz)

Peak power

>10 W at 10 GHz

Max. energy in pedestals




Gain medium

Er-doped silica fiber

Pump source

Diode laser (980 nm)


FC/APC (other connectors available on request)



Operating temperature

+15 to 30°C

Storage temperature

-20 to 50°C

Electrical/ Mechanical

Operating Voltage

85-264 VAC at 47-63 Hz

Power consumption

<125 W

Dimensions (3U)

15 cm x 26 cm x 28 cm


9 kg

Technical Specifications in PDF Format (Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™ )

Typical Performance of PriTel's FEMTOPULSE® Optical Pulse Compressors at 10 GHz
Click here to see Autocorrelations and Optical Spectra


Typical Application
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Spectral Slicing


PriTel, Inc.
513 Weston Ridge Dr., P.O. Box 4025
Naperville, IL 60567-4025, USA
Ph: 630-983-2200, Fx: 630-983-2260