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Tunable Wavelength Filter

Tunable Wavelength Filter

In soliton lasers, the temporal pulsewidth is determined by the spectral bandwidth. PriTel has pioneered the use of easily changeable, pre-aligned optical filters in our fiber lasers to achieve the optimum soliton pulse shapes. These Quick Change Filter Cartridges provide pulsewidths from 10 ps to 0.6 ps.

In response to customer requests, PriTel has designed an external module for the Quick Change Filter Cartridge that functions as a tunable filter. These modules feature ease of operation, wavelength calibration and quick changes of the filters. The module accepts Quick Change Filter Cartridges with bandpass widths from 10 nm to 1 nm. With an insertion loss < 0.6 dB and no alignment required, the fiber-pigtailed Tunable Filter Module combines high performance with flexibility and ease of use. The Tunable Filter Module has been used with high satisfaction in scanning supercontinuum pulses. The modules are available with standard fiber or polarization maintaining fiber pigtails and with a variety of optical connectors.


Tunable Wavelength Filter Module (Click link for specifications in PDF Format)
(Example filters -
Other bandwidths available.)
3nm Double Cavity 5nm Double Cavity 6nm Double Cavity
Tuning Range 1535-1570 nm 1535-1570 nm 1535-1570 nm
Center Wavelength 1570 nm 1570 nm 1570 nm
Insertion loss with filter cartridge inserted < 1 dB < 1 dB < 1 dB
Bandwidth - 3 dB 3 nm 5 nm 6 nm
Bandwidth - 10 dB 9 nm 10 nm
Bandwidth - 20 dB 16 nm 18 nm
Connectors FC/APC (other connectors available on request)
Dimensions (LxWxH, cm) 6.2 cm x 6.2 cm x 3.5 cm

Technical Specifications in PDF Format (Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™ )

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