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Now in our 13th consecutive year of business worldwide.
We manufacture a range of customized fiber lasers, optical fiber
amplifiers, and multiplexers for a variety of applications at
1550 nm, 1060 nm, and 775 nm.

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Our product lines:

1550-nm Actively Mode-locked Fiber Lasers
1060-nm Actively Mode-locked Fiber Lasers
RZ Transmitters
Pulse Compressors
1550-nm Passively Mode-locked Fiber Lasers
1060-nm Passively Mode-locked Fiber Lasers
Low Power Amplifiers
High Power Amplfiiers
Polarization Maintaining EDFAs
Sub-Picosecond EDFAs
Low-Noise High Power EDFAs
L-Band Amplifiers
Second Harmonic Generators

1550-nm Ultrafast Optical Clocks
Sources forRZ Optical Pulses
                                Optical Clocks 


  Repetition rates from 1 to 40 GHz Variable*

  Wavelengths from 1530 to 1565 nm Variable*

  Pulsewidths from 1.6 to 10 ps Variable*

  Embedded microprocessor control *

  Information display panel

Why choose fiber lasers?    

  excellent contrast ratio (>40 dB)
  low timing jitter (typically <100 fs)
  chirp-free soliton pulses
  high output power (10 mW at 10 GHz)


Available Performance Configurations

UOC Series
Click above for specifications in PDF Format

Pulse repetition rate:

5-14 GHz, 5-20 GHz, or 38-43 GHz, tunable (continuously tunable >9 GHz)
Please inquire about other repetition rates.

For fine alignment of the pulsed laser source to the experimental application, the UOC is
continuously adjustable without gaps for repetition rates >9 GHz.  For example, the UOC can
be tuned precisely to the OC-192 standard, 9.95328 GHz.

Transform-limited pulses with the following parameters:

Pulsewidth (ps)

Spectral width (nm)

Tunable wavelength (nm)

or <10.0



All four pulsewidths are included in the optional Quick-Change Filter Cartridge kit.  Other
pulsewidths in this range are available.

Average output power:

This parameter varies with pulsewidth and pulse repetition rate.
Typical pulse energies are >2 pJ, yielding >10 mW at 2 ps and 10

Sideband suppression:

>70 dB


Note: Normal operation of the UOC Series requires an external RF synthesizer or clock,
supplied by the customer.

UOC-R Series
Specifications in PDF Format

For those researchers who will not be changing the repetition rate,
the UOC-R Series uses regenerative mode-locking via an internal,
tuned-RF loop to provide the harmonic-mode-locking signal for the
laser.  This series requires no external RF synthesizer.

For monitoring system performance, three secondary optical outputs are provided on the
front panel of both the UOC and UOC-R Series that can be used with a photodiode, optical
spectrum analyzer, or power meter.

Quick-Change Pulsewidth

The UOC Series has always offered user flexibility in tuning operating
wavelength and pulse-repetition frequency. PriTel's Quick-Change
feature, standard on all UOC models, enables the user to
change the operating pulsewidth of the UOC within minutes just by
replacing a self-aligning cartridge.

Quick-Change Filter Cartridges are available in four standard operating
pulsewidths (10 ps, 5 ps, 2.5 ps, and 1.6 ps).  A kit of all four standard
cartridges is available at a discount.  Please inquire about cartridges for
special pulsewidths.

Quick-Change Filter Cartridges can also be used in PriTel's Tunable Filter
.  Responding to customer requests, PriTel offers an external filter
module that provides variable center wavelength at a bandwidth fixed by the
particular Quick-Change Filter cartridge.  With an insertion loss < 0.6 dB
and no alignment required, the fiber-pigtailed Tunable Filter Module
combines high performance with flexibility and ease of use.  The Tunable
Filter Module has been used with high satisfaction in scanning
supercontinuum pulses.

Embedded Microprocessor Control

PriTel has engineered the UOC Series for maximum stability and
performance. An embedded microprocessor and phase-locked loop (PLL)
technology, along with mounting the fiber laser inside a constant-
temperature chamber, provide precise control of laser cavity length. Efficient
integration of key optical components into subassemblies results in lower
power consumption, higher average output power, and enhanced signal-to-
noise ratio in the UOC Series.

The display on the front panel shows the status of the UOC's important
operating parameters, including the phase-locked loop and the pump laser.
Via the embedded microprocessor, these real-time data are available
the need for an external PC.

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Typical Performance of PriTel’s 1550-nm Ultrafast Optical Clock at 10 GHz:
Click here to see Optical Spectra, RF Spectra, and Autocorrelations


Technical Specifications in PDF Format (Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™):
  Regeneratively-Mode-Locked UOC

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PriTel, Inc.
513 Weston Ridge Dr., P.O. Box 4025
Naperville, IL 60567-4025, USA
Ph: 630-983-2200, Fx: 630-983-2260