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L-Band Optical Fiber Amplifiers

FA-L Model with
power monitor option
FA-L Model without
power monitor option

PriTel’s FA-L and SPFA-L Series of L-Band Optical Fiber Amplifiers are designed for R&D applications in CATV, telecommunications, fiber lasers, and optical switching at 1565 to 1615 nm.

The FA-L Series provides for L-Band amplification with the same high-quality performance characteristics found in PriTel's FA Series of C-Band Amplifiers: very low noise, wide bandwidth, low dispersion, and high saturation power without ASE problems. Dispersion management in the SPFA-L Series allows excellent sub-picosecond pulse performance in the L-Band with minimal polarization mode dispersion.

PriTel's Low power amplifiers are available in both polarization insensitive (Non PM) and polarization maintaining (PM) versions.

Input/Output Power Monitors

PriTel's Optical Fiber Amplifiers are available with a Power Monitor Option. The digital display shows the power of the input and output signals. The optical monitor outputs can be used to connect to a power meter, optical spectrum analyzer, or other equipment for monitoring the signal. This reduces the need to frequently connect/disconnect the input or output, greatly reducing the probability of burning/damaging the connectors because of dirt.

Computer Control Options

PriTel's Optical Fiber Amplifiers can be configured for remote control by a computer using interfaces such as Serial/RS-232, USB, GPIB and Ethernet.

Examples of Performance Configurations (Others available on Request)

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specifications in PDF Format
FA-L-15 FA-27-L PMFA-15-L PMFA-27-L
Saturated output power 15 dBm 18 dBm 15 dBm 27 dBm
Small signal gain > 26 dB
@ -20 dBm
> 26 dB
@ 0 dBm
> 23 dB
@ -20 dBm
> 30 dB
@ 0 dBm
Optical noise figure < 6 dB
@ -20 dBm
< 10 dB
@ 0 dBm
< 4 dB
@ -20 dBm
< 7 dB
@ 0 dBm
Polarization sensitivity < 0.2 dB < 0.2 dB < 0.2 dB < 0.2 dB
Input power range -30 to +10 dB -3 to +20 dB -30 to +10 dB -3 to +20 dB
Wavelength range 1565-1615 nm 1570-1620 nm 1565-1615 nm 1570-1620 nm
Spectral gain flatness
(single channel input)
1 dB typical 2 dB typical 1 dB typical 2 dB typical
Gain medium Er-doped
silica fiber
silica fiber
silica fiber
silica fiber
Pump source 910-980 nm diode laser
Connectors FC/APC (other connectors available on request)
Operating temperature +15 to 30°C
Storage temperature -20 to 50°C
Operating Voltage 85-264 VAC at 47-63 Hz
Power consumption <100 W
Dimensions (2U) 10 cm x 26 cm
  x 28 cm
10 cm x 26 cm
  x 36 cm
10 cm x 26 cm
  x 28 cm
10 cm x 26 cm
  x 36 cm
Weight 5 Kg 9 Kg 5 Kg 9 Kg
Note: The amplifiers are also available in a module form for OEM applications. Please contact us for more information.
Typical Performance of PriTel's L-Band Optical Fiber Amplifiers

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Technical Specifications in PDF Format (Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™ )
        L-Band Optical Fiber Amplifiers Low Power, High Power, Polarization Maintaining

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