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High Power Optical Fiber Amplifiers

High Power Optical Fiber Amplifier

PriTel’s FA Series of High Power Optical Fiber Amplifiers are designed for R&D applications in CATV, telecommunications, fiber lasers, and optical switching.

PriTel’s FA Series of High Power Optical Fiber Amplifiers are based on well-established solid-state-pumped Erbium-Ytterbium co-doped optical fiber technology. These amplifiers offer very low noise, wide bandwidth, low dispersion and high saturation power without ASE problems. If you need an amplified reference signal, PriTel can manufacture a dual amplifier system to your specifications.

PriTel also manufactures amplifiers with excellent short-pulse performance. Certified short pulse performance is available for PriTel SPFA High Power Optical Fiber Amplifiers for pulse widths upto 600 fs (see PriTel's Sub Picosecond Optical Fiber Amplifiers).

PriTel's High power amplifiers are available in both polarization insensitive (Non PM) and polarization maintaining (PM) versions.

Input/Output Power Monitors

PriTel's Optical Fiber Amplifiers are available with a Power Monitor Option. The digital display shows the power of the input and output signals. The optical monitor outputs can be used to connect to a power meter, optical spectrum analyzer, or other equipment for monitoring the signal. This reduces the need to frequently connect/disconnect the input or output, greatly reducing the probability of burning/damaging the connectors because of dirt.

Computer Control Options

PriTel's Optical Fiber Amplifiers can be configured for remote control by a computer using interfaces such as Serial/RS-232, USB, GPIB and Ethernet.

Examples of Performance Configurations (Others available on Request)

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FA-27 FA-30 FA-33 FA-37
Saturated output power 27 dBm 30 dBm 33 dBm 37 dBm
Small signal gain
@ 0 dBm
>27 dB >30 dB >33 dB >25 dB @ 12dBm
Optical noise figure
@ 0 dBm
<8 dB <10 dB <12 dB <14 dB
Polarization sensitivity <0.2 dB <0.2 dB <0.2 dB <0.2 dB
Input power range -10 to +20 dBm -10 to +20 dBm -10 to +20 dBm +17 to +24 dBm
Wavelength range 1535-1565 nm 1535-1565 nm 1535-1565 nm 1535-1565 nm
Spectral gain flatness
(single channel input)
0.5 dB typical 0.5 dB typical 1.0 dB typical 1.0 dB typical
Minimum distortion-free
pulse width (standard)
1.5 ps 1.5 ps 1.5 ps 2.0 ps
Gain medium Er/Yb-doped double-clad silica fiber
Pump source 910-980 nm diode laser
Connectors FC/APC (other connectors available on request)
Operating temperature +15 to 30°C
Storage temperature -20 to 50°C
Operating Voltage 85-264 VAC at 47-63 Hz
Power consumption <125 W
Dimensions (2U) 10 cm x 26 cm x 36 cm
Weight 8 Kg
Note: The amplifiers are also available in a module form for OEM applications. Please contact us for more information.
Typical Performance of PriTel's High Power Optical Fiber Amplifiers

Click here to see Sample Test data for a High Power Fiber Amplifier

Technical Specifications in PDF Format (Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™ )

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