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Second and Third Harmonic Generators

Second Harmonic Generator Third Harmonic Generator

PriTel’s SHG/THG Series of Second/Third Harmonic Generators with Integrated Amplifiers can be used in a variety of research applications at 764-782 nm and 510-520nm that include telecom, biomedical, microscopy and materials sciences.

The SHG/THG Series is designed to be used with PriTel’s FFL Series of easy-to-use passively mode-locked fiber lasers that provide polarization maintaining, high peak power pulses at 1528 -1565 nm with pulsewidths from 10 ps to 0.1 ps. The addition of the SHG/THG-FA (with a temperature-controlled section containing periodically-poled LiNbO3) to the FFL yields frequency-doubled (or tripled) pulses from 764 to 782 nm (or 510-520nm) at relatively high power.

Dual Function Fiber Coupler Dual function fiber-coupler
allows for both free space and fiber coupled outputs.

The FFL and SHG/THG-FA are easy to use with no external equipment required. The optics are fiber-based, and no alignment is required. The reconfigurable output module can be used for both free space and fiber coupled outputs. This makes the FFL-SHG/THG-FA system a very valuable tool in the research laboratory.

Available Performance Configurations

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SHG-FA-200 SHG-FA-120 THG-FA-200
Wavelength 768-782 nm, tunable 768-782 nm, tunable 510-520 nm, tunable
Typical Output Power 200 mW (free-space)
90 mW (fiber-coupled)
120 mW (free-space)
70 mW (fiber-coupled)
10 mW (free-space)
2 mW (fiber-coupled)
Input Pulsewidth 10 ps to 0.1ps
Pulse Repetition Freq. 5 MHz - 100 MHz (fixed)
Fundamental Suppression ≥ 30 dB
SHG medium Temperature-controlled periodically-poled LiNbO3
Amplifier gain medium Er/Yb-doped double-clad
silica fiber
Er-doped silica fiber Er-doped silica fiber
SHG medium Passively mode-locked fiber laser at 1530 – 1560 nm
Operating Temperature -15 to 30ºC
Storage Temperature -20 to 50ºC
Operating Voltage 110/220 VAC
Dimensions 10 cm x 26 cm x 36cm
(Optical output head - 5.5cm x 5.5cm x 12 cm)

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        Second Harmonic Generator, Third Harmonic Generator

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